Bike Fitting and Sizing

Whether you are a buying your first bicycle and trying to figure out your proper size or you are an experienced cyclist dialing in your performance gains, a professional fitting is one of the smartest investments you can make. Not only is Kathryn Cumming a certified bike fitter, but her education and extensive background in Biomechanics and Exercise Science give her a critical understanding of ensuring that your position is ideal for your unique needs.


Full Bike Fit


2-3 hours + follow up

This service is for individuals who want to optimize their comfort, power, and aerodynamics on the bike. Using a physical assessment, motion capture analysis, our Purely Custom Fit Bike, and rider feedback, we will address your entire setup. The fit will be tailored to address your cycling goals, whether you want to be able to ride regularly without discomfort or are hoping to podium at your next Ironman event.

Bike Sizing


Approximately 1 hour

This service is designed for individuals who want to purchase a new or used bike and would like to ensure they will fit properly on the frame before they buy. Bike sizing takes approximately 1 hour during which we will test different bike geometries on our Purely Custom Fit Bike to find the ideal match for your size, riding style, and goals.

There is no need to purchase a bike from Jalapeno Cycling, however, you will be credited the $75 fee if you purchase a bike costing $800 or more from us.