The Jalapeño Cycling Team and Von Hof Cycles put on a drills session at Liberty State Park every Wednesday at 6:15 PM.

We won't be focusing too much on individual corrections and perfecting form (like we do during clinics), but we will be getting bodies warmed up and ready to go for the cross season ahead, reminding the legs what it feels like to ride through the tall grass and run up hills off the bike.

Liberty State Park is awesome with bike culture, and we want to do everything in our power to keep it that way. The department there doesn't have extensive experience with cyclocross riders, so if you are coming, just remember to be polite and courteous to joggers, dog walkers, and park representatives alike.

The parking lot is right across the street from the Interpretive Center in Liberty State Park. Feel free to join in later if need be, we are shooting for 60-80 minutes of workout time. Riders of all skills are welcome. We will either be running or riding the off-camber hill within site of the parking lot, or in the open field behind the hill.

For up-to-date into, be sure to follow Von Hof Cycles.